Break Game Board

Break – a 2 part concept that includes a proprietary game engine, and an electronic game board.

Designed for the gamer and game developer that wants to combine the tactile feeling of board games with the ease of access to new games through the break store.




Break was part of an Understanding technology project back in 2017. The task was to use technology more specifically IoT to create a product that can be used at home.

The project was a challenge as it didn’t have a problem or pain points to address from the beginning. So the first task was to figure out what value we could provide to solve some of the challenges at home.


Break addresses one of the most cherished family activities, namely game night. Break adds a simple way for families to explore new games, while adding depth and dimension through sounds and visuals – while still keeping the tactile feeling of traditional board games.

It is important to stress that being able to constantly explore new games was a significant part of the concept so adding an easy to use game engine was important.